Soul on Pole is an artistic oriented pole and aerial competition which has your performance and artistic freedom at heart. Our regulation is minimal in order to grant you that freedom – but we also want and need to offer a just, sound evaluation of each perfromance shown on stage.

This is why our jury is so important.

Judges need to have a solid judging experience or very relevant career and stage experience for being invited to judge Soul on Pole.

Meet the judges

All judges are carefully selected, active members of our italian and international pole & aerial arts community.

Cristiana Bembo

Head Judge

With years of experience in the pole dance and aerial arts community, she is deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of judging excellence. Cristiana will guide and supervise the board of judges as the head judge.

Marina Vishniakova


As an experienced pole & aerial instructor, performer, dancer and judge, Marina has the technical knowledge and hands on experience needed to judge your performance.

Nadia Budurusi


With along standing career as an international pole & aerial artist, Nadia is an active influencer who pioneered our art in Romania. She has both, personal and technical experience to understand and evaluate your performances on stage.

Eleni Quartana


Her all-rounder abilities and worldwide experience ranging from in Asia to the USA make her an excellent judge for a creative freedom oriened competition such as Soul on Pole 2024. She is specialized in aerial arts, which gives a nice balance to our juryddd . Her affable character and collaborative nature blends in harmoniously with her colleagues and our organization.

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