Welcome to Soul on Pole 2024!

The competition will take place the 26th, 27th and 28th of April in Gallarate – Italy.

For the first time ever it will be possible to compete in pole and aerial arts.

Don’t miss the dedicated performing arts pole and aerial workshops, community meetings and talks prior to, during and after competition days.

Applications close march 30th 2024!

What is Soul on Pole?

Soul on Pole is an international performing arts pole and aerial arts competition where the rules won’t hinder your performance. Express yourself to the fullest of your artistic soul. Show us your true soul on stage!

Rules are necessary to regulate, set boundaries and make competition possible. Too often though, rules are not particularly beneficial to artistic freedom in arts oriented pole and aerial exhibitions. Soul on Pole reduces the rule set to a feasible minimum. Soul on Pole regulation incentivates your creativity as much as possible in the categories art, contemporary and storytelling for pole, art and storytelling for aerial arts.

Experience a vibrant performing arts pole and aerial arts experience in a beautiful theatre.

Last year’s Soul on Pole audience was amazing, cheering and firing artists up for hours. Reserve your seats for 2024 and make this year’s event as unique with your energy and your presence.

Sponsors & Supporters

Soul on Pole is made possible by sponsors and supporters, who actively and/or passively contribute to the event, workshops and community events.

Are you a Pole & Aerial or somehow related business and want to contribute to Soul on Pole 2024?

The Pole

Pole & Aerial Hardware & Rigging

Be Art Studio

Be Art Studio




Foto, Video & Multimedia

Grip Products

Pole & Aerial Sportswear

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